Xabi Alonso press conference, 15 Sept, 2014.

Settled in well?

Yeah, everything good. The city is fantastic, and with the teammates aswell very well. I know the manager aswell, he asked me what can I do and now I want to start the Champions League. That is the big competition and I’m looking forward to make the debut on Wednesday.

Diferences between La Liga and Bundesliga?

Well, I would say that probably the Bundesliga is more similar to the Premier League than La Liga. I would say that it’s more physical. (…) But of course and aswell the noise, the crowd is fantastic. I think there is a very lovely atmosphere on the stadiums and that’s what I want. You want a full crowd, full house whenever you go and I try to enjoy it.

What does Pep expect from you?

He has a very clear idea of how he wants me to perform on the pitch, how he wants me to be the link between the defense and the attack. I try to associate with the players that are around us as well as possible. After all, it’s my job to perform that on the pitch

First Champions League game for FC Bayern.

That’s what I want: to be challenging at the top level and Man City is the highest level you can get right now, because of that for us is a very important game because we know that City is a great side and we’re playing the first game at home we need the 3 points, and even being at the early stages it’s a vital game for us.

Is the curent performance enough to beat Manchester City?

It will be enough if we play a good game. If we defend well, if we attack well, we score goals - that would be enough. So that’s why we’ll try to prepare and to get ready for the big game on Wednesday.

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Do you have a youtube link link of bayern's game vs stuttgart? I mean the whole game

no sorry :(

philipp lahm, 13/19/14.

Manuel during the match against VfB Stuttgart - 13.09.2014